Rob Blackburn CV

Profile I am a tech literate, creative problem solver. I have a wide variety of interests, learn things exceptionally quickly and pride myself with my ability to apply the knowledge I have gained. I am self-motivated and go out and learn the skills I need to solve any problem I come across. I am often sought out to troubleshoot people’s technical problems both in and out of work from phones to websites. I am always happy to share what I’ve learnt and help others benefit from my knowledge.


Skills & Experience Customer Service – In various roles since 2003

All of my work so far has included customer service as a fundamental component. From elderly care to work in an academic library the happiness of the customer is paramount and I consider myself excellent in this area.


One example would be in my current role as a  support Engineer at Create where I answer customer support tickets and manage the issues process weighing up product team time with customer service. Helping explain the technical problems involved with solving issues to the Customer team so they can give good information to the customers.


Code skills                   Over time from around 2006 onwards

In order to build the websites I wanted and to help friends with theirs I have been teaching myself web design and code from 2006. I have taught myself WordPress, HTML5,CSS3,  Bootstrap and W3CSS as well as a little JavaScript and PHP. My interest in Linux and code in general led me to attend courses on Git, BASH and Open Refine. Some examples of my web work include my blog site, built on WordPress and this custom theme I built using W3CSS on WordPress: I am currently working through the Front-End Certification program. I currently use Chrome dev tools to debug customers websites and GIt to push small changes to the code of the company site.


Small business management – 08/08/2009 – 30/06/2015

I ran my own business doing shiatsu and acupuncture. Key things I learned during this period were, how to do a lot with very little resources and the cost vs benefit of actions. Examples of this were contracting a designer to create a logo for me which had no impact on getting more clients and was relatively expensive, I learnt to do things that directly resulted in sales from this point on! I learnt how to build websites to save money, managed my own social media, wrote, edited and managed my own email campaigns. I also managed my own invoicing, cash handling and tax returns.


Team working and communication

In 10-14th august 2011 I ran a staycation with a Yoga teacher friend. We worked together to develop the idea and then split responsibilities. I handled the promotion and bookings, taught shiatsu each day, wrote lesson plans and handouts, responded to customer queries and sent receipts.


Productivity and Time management

In a bid to find the best method for task management system I have tried practically every time management and task list software there is. Finally, I have found a happy mix of apps and good old fashioned notebook to manage my tasks and time. I have introduced many people at my current role to the concepts and software used for time management. In particular offering advice on use of Trello for project management and Wunderlist and Bullet Journal for task management.


Training and Courses

        • Adobe Photoshop Up and Running 02/2017
        • Free Code Camp Front End Certificate – Ongoing
        • SEO Training 12/2016
        • Library Carpentry Software skills James Baker and Software sustainability Institute 11-2015
        • HTML & CSS Level 1 Silicon Beach Training 11-2015
        • Taking control of your time  12-2009



I enjoy hacking around with my Raspberry Pi, learning Linux, putting custom ROM’s on my phone, learning about Code particularly web code.

Art and design

I am interested in all aspects of art and design. I like figurative drawing as well as printmaking and photography and painting. I am also learning Adobe Photoshop for digital painting and teaching myself graphic design principles along Adobe Illustrator.


Employment 05/2017 – Present

Technical Support Engineer at Create Ecommerce

11/2005 – 05/2017

Library Assistant at University of Sussex Library

08/2009 – 06/2015

Shiatsu Practitioner and Acupuncturist, self employed

03/2005 –  11/2005

General Assistant South Downs Nurseries

07/2003 – 02/2005

Residential Care Officer City and County of Swansea


Education 09/2000 – 07/2003

University of Glamorgan BA (Hons) Philosophy and English 2:ii

09/1997- 07/2009

Bewdley High School 3 ‘A’ Levels English C, History E, Art C.

09/1995- 07/1997

William Parker School 9 Gcse’s1A, 7C’s, 1D