I am inspired by the music of TOOL, I am exploring a Druid path with the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids which is based in Lewes my current home town.

I love the strange, the weird, the edges of things.

I started meditating as a child without knowing what it was. I also had incredibly weird waking dreams which may or may not have but linked to the opium poppies we inadvertently had growing in our garden at home.

At the bottom of the garden was a graveyard but that never freaked me out as much as it should. There was also a hazel tree I used to hide out in and dream.

After some confusion with conjuring in which I singularly failed to impress anyone. I much, much later discovered Wicca, shamanism, Crowley and chaos magic(k) and the tarot.

I also juggle fire very occasionally, have a beautiful son and a fantastic wife.

I also love tech, coding and anything that empowers the everday person. I am inspired by the concept of the magickal in the everyday.

I love my raspberry pi.

I heart Tattoos.

I love board sports, climbing and swimming in the sea.

Yoga and meditation keep me sane and flexible.

I design and build websites for people. Check me out at www.robblackburn.uk.

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