Snow is slowly melting


In the morning I often take our dog Jazz for a walk along the old railway track mustn’t where we live. I really like going up to the end where the track ends. There is a little fenced area that looks out over the River towards a church. I like to stop for a few here. Revel in the silence that is filled with nature sounds. I like to give a nod to the four directions and the Great Spirit and contemplate for a few minutes. This morning a fox came to say hello.

What I noticed this morning the one clear idea was the beauty of the snow had covered the imperfections of the land beneath. Revealed below was all sorts of rubble and dog poo, that somehow people thought the snow would hide forever.

This led me to this thought, that a pristine surface can cover a messy under belly and to be cautious of things that look too clean and perfect as they may hide  a dirty underbelly more than some thing that is less clean to look at. That, and the fact that the snow will melt eventually.

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